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  • Mindy

    Mental health is important, not only for ourselves but also for the people we surround ourselves with. Therefore, […]


    “Visualizing the future of a sustainable planet with Greta!” In this past FemTech workshop, our focus was on […]

  • ROSA

    “FemTech Op-lyser om historien om Rosalind Franklin” At the year’s first FemTech workshop, we focus on the discovery […]

  • LOLA

    “FemTech lader teknologien føle“ FemTech DIKU event for excellent STX/HTX students- exploring the world of components and sensors […]


    We introduce DOREEN, a norm-critical story-telling game of provocations that displays women’s invisible experiences in computing to challenge […]

  • Cryptosphere – making digital interaction effortful

    This week, organised a two-day workshop with 26 students from eight different high schools in Copenhagen. During the […]

  • GRACE – an interactive installation by

    GRACE is an interactive Origami installation and App, created by, which celebrate the 70th anniversary since the first bug […]

  • Hack an IKEA bear into a Cyber Bear

    FemTech DIKU event for excellent STX/HTX  students – learning how to create Internet-of-Things Interactive Product – the IoT […]