Teaching Day 2017 at DIKU

The “Teaching Day” is an event organised by the Computer Science Department (DIKU) of the University of Copenhagen. In this day, DIKU faculty members are invited to several presentations given by experts in the field where they learn about teaching methods and tools.

This year Prof. Pernille Bjørn and Post-doc Maria Menendez-Blanco are hosting for the first time a hands-on activity that complements the presentations. In concrete, DIKU faculty members will be introduced to microcontrollers and will have the opportunity to try them out with an example. The example chosen for this first event is “microcontrollers and sorting algorithms”. Specifically, participants will work in groups of 3-4 people to visualise – and interact with – a sorting algorithm using microcontrollers, buttons and actuators.

In general, this activity highlights the importance of balanced teaching curriculum that incorporates collaboration, hands-on and individual learning activities to leverage different ways of learning that students may have.

The slides of the activity can be found at:

DIKU Teaching Day