10 ) Wire up the Thing with conductive thread

Next step is to wire up the Thing with conductive thread instead of ‘normal’ wires – so we are detaching it from the breadboard.

We will place a long thread in each of the pins of the board, which we need to use – and we need conductive thread in pins 16, 13, and GND (on the left side of the board) and in pin 5V, 14, and GND (on the right side).

When all the thread is attached, then test whether the button still works, by attaching to the three button pins (5V, Pin14, and GND) using tape to make it easy – potentially taping it all to the table. PLEASE BE CAREFULL – THE THREADS MUST NOT TOUCH OR YOU RISK SHORT CIRCUITING!!

When you have tested that it works, we move on to attach the Thing to the Bear. Here we use ordinary thread and sew it on the back of the bear with the USB socket down (so the text ‘SparkFun’ in upside down)