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  • vinder pris

    Prisvindende professor skriver glemte kvinder ind i tech-historienSCIENCE FORMIDLINGSPRIS 2020: Kvinder sendte den første computer ud i rummet […]

  • Atari Women

    Women made up roughly 30% of computer programmers well into the 1970s. Today, this number is lower. The […]

  • More women choosing to study computer science at DIKU – Why does it matter?

    This year, the number of women choosing to study Computer Science education at the University of Copenhagen has […]

  • News article on

    Media representations of computer science – what do what computer scientists do? how do they look like? – […]

  • Kicking off at DIKU!

    At the Computer Science Department of the University of Copenhagen (DIKU), we are launching, which is a […]